Blind Cleaning

 Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Leave it to your expert blind cleaners. We'll come to your home or office, remove all of your blinds for you, inspect, clean, dry and 
re-hang, all with same day service, for a reasonable price. Protect and preserve you window blind investment with the All Care ultrasonic blind cleaning service.

Ultrasonic cleaning is safe for any surface or fabric. Metal and vinyl blinds, expensive silhouettes, wood blinds, even fabric verticals can be thoroughly cleaning the ultrasonic way.

The process involves dipping the blinds into a special tank that will virtually, "vibrate" the dirt and grime off. Tiny bubbles are formed that travel through the wash tank. The bubbles implode and gently lift dirt from the surface of blinds and variety of other items. There's no scratching, pitting, or other damage usually seen with conventional cleaning methods. After the blind is cleaned, it is rinsed, air dried and inspected. Each blind is then wrapped in cellophane until re-hanging for full soil protection.

Remember, the ultrasonic cleaning system will remove all dirt, dust and grime. It does not repair damage or reverse oxidation from the sun.
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