We can restore your contents after fire damage in Lincoln, NE

damaged dresser before repairs
dresser after damage repair is comlete
desk before fire damage repair
desk after fire damage repairs are complete
Why choose us?
--On location cleaning of contents 
--Pack-out of contents 
--Digital photo inventory 
--Content cleaning and restoration 
--Complete deodorization (GUARANTEED!!!) 
--Climate controlled storage 
--Digital inventory of cash out items 
--Electronic cleaning and deodorization 
--Clothing cleaning and deodorization
After the fire is out, the damage from chemical reactions caused by the heat can be corrosive to carpets, furniture, drapery, paint and woodwork. Even after just a few days, items can go from cleanable to unsalvageable. A determination for the scope of work will be made with you, All Care and your insurance company. We can clean and restore your smoke and fire damage either in your home or at our state of the art facility in Roca just outside of Lincoln, NE. 
When we come to evaluate your fire damage, we will advise you if we need to remove your items to our climate controlled facility near Lincoln. Should we have to remove your personal property, we will perform a digital inventory, expertly pack everything, and give you a copy of the inventory when we are finished. Some items, such as clothing, drapes and bedding must be removed for proper deodorization. 

Once the packing is complete, we will have your contents transported to our secure, climate controlled Lincoln area facility. There they will be cleaned, deodorized, and stored until all structural repairs are complete. 
All Care cleans and restores contents to pre-loss condition either in the home or at our state of the art All Care facility. A determination will be made with you, by All Care and your insurance company for the scope of work needing to be done. 

Depending on the severity of damage or structure repairs needed, our team will come into your home to clean and deodorize your contents on site, or pack-out your contents to our secure, climate controlled facility. 

When cleaning contents on-site, our technicians will move furniture away from walls to access cleaning and reset into proper position. Items inside closets, cupboards, etc. will be pulled out, cleaned, and reset as determined by the scope of work. 

Drapery, bedding, and clothing may need to be taken off site for proper cleaning and deodorization. Emergency items can be expedited. 

When contents need to be packed-out to our All Care facility, we will complete a digital inventory of contents and place small items into our boxes, protecting fragile items with paper or bubble wrap. 

Once the inventory is complete you will receive a copy of our digital inventory. Once the packing is complete we will have your contents transported to our secure, climate controlled facility. There these items will be cleaned, deodorized, and stored until structure repairs are complete. 

We have state-of-the-art electronics cleaning capabilities. We will evaluate that they are operational after the fire, and then we will clean and deodorize each item and check each item again for operation. 

We also offer an added service for specialty items such as musical instruments, fine art, and furniture refinishing or upholstering. If you would like we will obtain estimates from qualified professionals for items such as these.
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