Mobile Soda Blasting in Lincoln, NE and Southeast Nebraska

What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is a process where a surface is cleaned, rust is removed, or coatings (of any kind) are stripped from the substrate (the surface beneath the material you are trying to remove). The soda blasting machine propels a bicarbonate of soda based media via compressed air or water onto the surface to be cleaned. This process gently removes the targeted material without harming the substrate. Soda is also a natural deodorizer for fire damage. You can be ready to apply a new coat of paint in a matter of hours! Contact us about our services in the Lincoln, NE area.
paint stripping

Paint Stripping in Lincoln NE - All Care Restoration

--The easiest and safest method of removing paint for car restorations. 
--Will NOT scratch or etch metal, but will remove all the paint 
--Will NOT scratch chrome or warp panels. --NO need to mask glass or rubber 

Soda blasting strips paint, cleans and cuts grease in one step, saving you time and money you can be ready to apply that new coat of paint in a matter of hours, meaning your equipment can be "new again" in no time. 
graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

Soda blasting is the easiest and safest method of graffiti removal from surfaces. Within a matter of minutes, it will look like nothing ever happened. The process of soda blasting will not damage the brick, stucco, or most any building substrate. 

Fire & Smoke Damage

From basement to the attic, call All Care in Lincoln NE for your soda blasting restoration needs. there is no need for pre-cleaning of surfaces, and in most cases, eliminates the need for scraping, hand cleaning, and sealers. Soda is a natural deodorizer and removes most odors as we clean. Soda blasting is safe on most building materials. The remaining residue can be vacuumed or washed away, for easy clean-up. One man can do in 3-4 hours what used to take 304 days to do. 
Other Applications

--Paint removal 
--Rust removal 
--Clean aluminum 
--Clean Masonry 
--Parking lot lines 
--Truck Trailers 
--Farm Equipment 
--Odor Control 
--Oil spots 
--Grease Removal 
--Stain Elimination 
--Rough Wood Cleaning 
--Machinery Finishing 
--Engine Components 
--Fiberglass Cleaning
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