Fireline Systems & Electronics Cleaning

State of the art fire damage restoration near Lincoln, NE

We utilize the fireline system to clean your valuables!

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Fireline system

The fireline system was designed after extensive research and development by several progressive restoration companies, educational associations, chemical engineers and equipment manufacturers. The system operates like an assembly line for cleaning smoke and fire damage. Your items are placed in baskets and dipped into our pre-wash tank to remove loose soils; the items are then moved to an ultrasonic tank to remove any additional soil and soot. All items are then hand rinsed and inspected to ensure a proper cleaning. We use a tunnel dryer to complete the process. Your valuables are then rewrapped and packed for storage at our Lincoln area facility or for delivery to your home.


The use of de-ionized water combined with specialized detergents has revolutionized electronics cleaning and restoration in many ways. Rapid and thorough cleaning of most electronics with economical solutions is now possible at our Lincoln area location. Even heavily contaminated fire damage can be successfully restored to "pre-loss" or like new condition using this technology. Our staff has been trained in all aspects of the cleaning process and have learned the proper procedures to follow and the safety precautions to not only clean your electronics, but to protect them during the cleaning process. Our trained staff are able to clean almost all electronics.

Why Clean Electronics?

The object of electronic component cleaning is to sustain the equipment's original performance characteristics as long as possible. Particulate contamination is often the biggest contributing factor to premature electronic component failure. 

Common airborne contaminants are constantly being deposited on the interior of electronic equipment. These contaminants may consist of "dust" or may include metallic compounds, chemicals, or film forming materials unique to a commercial environment. The installation of cooling fans on electrical and presence of electromagnetic fields greatly increase the potential and the amount of internal contamination. This may cause overheating and premature component failure. 

Additional benefits of Electronic Component Cleaning:

Performance problems are easier to diagnose in clean equipment. Circuit tracing is easier and components are easier to identify when pad numbers and color-coding are easily visible.

In fire damage situations the particles of incomplete combustion (soot) are acidic in nature and cause highly destructive corrosion. During a fire, some plastics, particularly PVC (poly vinyl chloride), release combustion by-products known as chlorides, when combined with airborne moisture form highly corrosive hydrochloric (muriatic) acid. In water damage situations, a combination of pre existing particulate soil, water borne contaminants, and even minerals in the water cause adverse effects. Call us today to set up your appointment. 
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